Past Life & Soul Path Therapy in Glastonbury - By Atasha Fyfe BA (Hons) DHP
                                    THE PAST LIFE DANCE OF LOVE

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt certain that you already knew them in a past life? If so, it’s not surprising –
most people experience that at least once in their lives. That’s because we dance our way through countless lifetimes with everyone that’s important to us.

In this dance we constantly change partners and roles. In every new lifetime, an old enemy could next be your brother, a partner may become a parent, or a good friend may return to be your new lover.  
The permutations of the dance are endless. But it’s not random. There is meaning and purpose behind this dance, which can be summed up in one word: love. 

When you meet a lover from a previous life, it can spark off all kinds of reactions. You’ll probably feel that old attraction all over again. But other feelings may be mixed in as well.

Lovers don’t necessarily continue in exactly the same way when they meet again in another lifetime. Sometimes a relationship needs to be developed in a new way. For example, after an intense love affair, a couple may need to be just friends to get to know each other better.

Other issues, such as jealousy, may need ironing out. A previously possessive mate may have to learn to give his or her partner their freedom and independence. Or one of them may need to learn not to be so dependent on the other.

There could be all kinds of issues to sort out. We plan how we’re going to do that in the between-life worlds, where we prepare for our next incarnation.

But whatever permutations the relationship may go through over the course of many lifetimes, the underlying bond of real love will always be there. That’s why we keep meeting again in so many different ways. So when we declare undying love for one another, it’s no exaggeration – it really is true. 

What is an enemy? Sometimes we loathe people because they remind us of something about ourselves that we don’t like and won’t own. This is known as projection. It can happen at national as well as individual levels, and is a common cause of war.

Anyone involved in a gung-ho way with that kind of belligerence is likely to find him or herself later reincarnated in the enemy camp. In this way, we are taught to love and accept the hated ‘other’ - whether it's the opposite sex, another nation, or another race.

Rather than wasting lifetimes and a lot of energy on it, the quickest way to get rid of your enemies is to forgive them and let go of the anger.

Doing this releases you from all that negativity. It also means those people can’t re-attach themselves to you in the old unpleasant ways – either in this life or any future lives to come.

No relationship ever stays the same.  It’s said that we can never step into the same river twice. This applies to friendships as well, which can go through many lifetimes of changes.

Strong alliances often come from bonds that we make before we reincarnate again. In the between-life worlds, we sometimes vow to be there for each other when times get hard. When we do get here, that promise may not be consciously remembered - but it will always be kept.

This kind of connection is a joy and strength for us through all our lifetimes – whatever surprisingly different forms it may take. For example, somebody may come into your life just before a time of trouble, help you through it in some key way, and then be on their way again.

It’s not the length of time they spend with you, but their effect on your life that marks out a true friendship from beyond this lifetime.


We also have past life acquaintances – people who we’re friendly with but are not especially close to. Acquaintances have the potential to play all kinds of small but important roles in our lives.

Sometimes the same acquaintance may pop up in different lifetimes, to play a similar role each time. And of course we can do the same for them.
Families sometimes reincarnate together to work out a group problem or carry out an ancient purpose. This is especially true of those families who have a proud sense of their history. Those individuals sometimes make sure they’re reborn in that family again, to continue their purpose.

Royalty is probably prone to this kind of reincarnation. It’s interesting to wonder who some royals might have been in their earlier lives.

But a family doesn't have to be famous for this kind of intense involvement. Centuries-old oaths or allegiances may keep the same members of a family reincarnating together for many lifetimes.

This can work the opposite way as well. Those who have pursued bitter feuds with other families may find themselves incarnated in the enemy family to learn to love and forgive them.Many of our reincarnational involvements are about finding ways to bury old hatchets and learning to live together with love.

When we take into account the past life side of our relationships, it becomes so much easier to understand them – whether they are close or distant, troubled or happy.

With understanding comes love and a happy ending. I'm certain that's the point and destiny of all our relationships - however many lifetimes it may take us to get there.

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