Past Life & Soul Path Therapy in Glastonbury - By Atasha Fyfe BA (Hons) DHP
Regression is a wonderful way to find out about your past lives, heal their wounds, and reclaim the many gifts they have for you. 

Once you become conscious of a past life wound, and the effects it's been having on you, it loses its old power. It then becomes possible to resolve or heal the issue.

You can also recall your:

* Memories of the between-life worlds 
* ET contact experiences
* Lives in other realms or on other planets. 

Those places may feel like your true home, and it can be greatly healing to make that connection again.

I always frame any recalled experience in a positive context so that you can integrate it in a good way.  

In the second part of the session you can connect with your spiritual guidance about the memories that have come up for you.

This may be a guide you already know; or it can take the form of an angel, a wise person, spirit animal or healing light.

The more you find out about your soul journey, the more your consciousness expands - and the easier it gets to understand your life, your self and your true purpose.

NB: Sorry to say, 
I am not taking 
any bookings or doing any consultations at present. 

Length of session: about 60 to 90 minutes
Fee: £70

I am a fully qualified Past Life Therapist,
with 20 years' experience in this field.

To find out more about regression, see this free extract from my 'Past Lives' book: How Regression Works

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