Past Life & Soul Path Therapy in Glastonbury - By Atasha Fyfe BA (Hons) DHP

We have past lives and experiences of many worlds beyond this one. Even while they are still unconscious, those memories whisper to us about so many other possibilities that are out there.

Sometimes it can be part of our life purpose to carry knowledge, abilities or higher wisdom from those worlds to this one.

Those places could be:

* Other Planets
* Other Dimensions
* The Between-Life Realms

When it's the right time to become more aware of your greater soul history beyond this Earth, you'll know because you'll feel drawn to find out more about it. 

It will then feel good to explore that path, and the new discoveries you make will greatly enrich your life. 

NB: Sorry to say, I am not taking 
any bookings or doing any consultations at present. 

A regression is £70, 
               and takes around 60 to 90 minutes.

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