Past Life & Soul Path Therapy in Glastonbury - By Atasha Fyfe BA (Hons) DHP


First published by Kindred Spirit Magazine in Summer 2015


Most of us have been there at some time. Just when you’re finally getting on top of things, a big bill knocks you down again. Or you may always have enough to get by, but feel that you can never splash out without worrying. Or you constantly work your socks off, but never earn as much as you should.  
If these experiences ring any kind of bell for you, then read on. The problem may come from a past life – and if so, you can deal with it in surprisingly easy ways.
How can a long-gone life from an earlier time be having this kind of effect on you now? The answer is, it’s not that life which is now causing these things. The real cause was your inner reaction to that life. Until it’s looked at and dealt with, that will remain within you, and continue to mould and shape your life now.  

Step One: For whatever reason, life deals us an unpleasant experience.

Step Two: We wonder why it happened, and start figuring out how to avoid the same
thing ever happening again.

Step Three: We seize upon something that we think was the real cause of the problem, and make a strong inner commitment to avoid that kind of thing from then on.

When people decide that having money was the real cause of a bad experience, that decision works like a powerful vow to avoid any form of wealth from then on. That belief goes deep within the psyche – and unconsciously condemns them to lives of poverty from then on.   
For example, one of my regression clients came along because she’d had financial problems all her life, and was tired of it. She wanted to get to the bottom of the problem by seeing if it came from a past life experience.

In her regression, she found herself in a large manor house, sometime in the 16th or 17th century. She saw beautifully carved wooden furnishings, rich tapestries on the walls, large fireplaces in every room and enough servants to look after everything.
At that time, she was a boy in his teens. He’d just inherited the place because his parents had been carted off as enemies of the king. He would never see them again. He felt completely alone and desolate.
This was a key watershed in that lifetime and for many lives afterwards. He felt that wealth had only brought him sorrow. If his family had been nobodies, living more simply, none of this would have happened.
These big emotional reactions go deeply within us. If we don’t re-think them, they become part of our inner foundation, which follows us faithfully into our subsequent lives.
Once my client saw that, the way ahead was clear. We can’t change what happened to us in the past, but we can change our reactions to it.
One way to do that is to find a higher reason for the difficult past life experience. That gives us a new story about it – and our stories about ourselves are what create our lives. This is why, whenever possible, I encourage my clients to connect with their inner guidance to get a more expanded overview of what happened.

In this case, my client’s guides told her that the real lesson of the experience was for the boy to discover his inner strength in having to handle that situation. Their parting symbolic gift to her was a beautifully carved wooden box – with a large gold coin inside.
Here are the four main past life reasons that create current prosperity problems:

1. FEAR: Sometimes people become afraid of money because it once brought grief or danger into their lives. They might have experienced jealousy, spiteful behaviour, attacks, loss and even death because of being well off.  
2. REGRET: Others may feel that they abused their wealth, or behaved selfishly with it. In the between-life realms, they decide they don’t deserve to be rich ever again – so of course abundance becomes scarce for them after that.  
3. UNDESERVING: Low self-worth is like a hidden snake in the grass that slithers its way into so many areas of our lives – especially finances. Many people have had lives that were so humble or exploited they were left feeling worthless. Healing this core issue will free them to move towards a life of joyful abundance.

4. UNSPIRITUAL: The idea that money is unspiritual is an endemic belief that holds countless people in unnecessary poverty. Many who are now on a spiritual path have spent one or more lifetimes in some sort of religious community. Whether Christian, Buddhist, or more ancient and even heretical groups, all these communities have one big belief in common: money is unspiritual.
When people entered these communities, it was common to give up all personal possessions and donate their assets to the group. The group then looked after them and provided all their basic needs. In exchange, they got a wonderful sense of higher purpose, companionship with like-minded people, and shelter from what was often a rough outside world.
Many people who have had that experience, and are now on a new kind of spiritual path, unconsciously re-create a kind of monastery-for-one for themselves. As a result, they always have enough to cover their basic needs – but never any more.
If you think you may have money problems because of your past lives, what can you do about it now? Although it’s interesting, and can be helpful, it’s not absolutely necessary to find out about the exact past life experience that’s now holding you back. This is because the real problem is now in your deep-down beliefs about money and yourself.

You can revise, resolve and heal this issue by taking the following seven steps:

1.     Re-think your beliefs about money, and about people who have it. It helps to think of it as a natural gift of life - like air, water or the fruits of the earth. Do a little ritual to mark this important turning point for you. Light a candle, and write down your old negative beliefs on a piece of paper. Tear it up into tiny pieces, saying ‘this is the end of that old way’. Then write your new beliefs in big colourful letters. Put that in a place where you’ll see it often.

2.     Forgive all your selves for whatever mistakes you might have made. Our mistakes are like falling off a bike when we’re learning to ride. The wise way is not to throw the bike away, but to pick yourself up and try again.
3.     Create a new, positive affirmation – such as ‘I am open to receive the natural abundance of life’. Repeat that often, especially just before going to sleep and on first waking up.

4.     Count your blessings regularly, from the biggest to the tiniest. Appreciating what you already have has the same effect as watering a plant. It will grow!

5.     Imagine in as much detail as possible what you’d do next and how you’d live if you had more money.

6.     Imagine what you’d like to contribute to the world if you had completely unlimited resources.

7.     Be generous to yourself and others. Make ‘I can afford it’ your new mantra. Say it to yourself as you give a few extra coins to a beggar, or buy something that isn’t necessarily the cheapest. These words and actions combined will send strong signals to your subconscious about your readiness for prosperity.  
In these ways we’ll not only shake off the negative effects of our past lives – we’ll also bring a more enlightened form of abundance into the world. Imagine how much good spiritual people could do once they allow themselves to have money. It’s a worthy cause. Put your penny in the tin - you can afford it!

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